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Home/School Communication.
Home/school diaries are a really good method of communication with you. They are well used by almost all parent/carers and this is where you can write small pieces of information. You should use this to tell us of any changes to arrangements in picking up your child or any other relevant information. Please consider the fact that if every parent thinks they will phone instead of writing a note, we would then have at least 290 calls per day. It is important to learn good organisational skills and using these diaries help support this.
General Communication
We are mindful of the environment and conscious that we do produce a number of paper communications for you throughout the year. Over the coming months we will be changing our system of communication to make better use of GroupCall, using text messages and e-mail. This should be in place for the start of the new session. Parent/Carers can still have written communication on request. We do use text messaging where possible. These messages have to be very short and to the point as there are only 121 characters for each text. A text from school will start with WPS so that Parent/carers know this is a school text.
If you want to contact us please use the home/school diary, telephone 01324 503950 or e-mail

Our clerical Ms Johnsone starts work at 8.45 am and finishes at 3.15 pm. Outwith these hours we do have an answering machine, therefore messages should be left and we will get back to you.

We have a homework policy and understand that families often find it difficult to complete different sets of homework for each child. We opt for a mixture of shared homework, talking homework for all the family and work to support numeracy and literacy.

Family Time
Family Time takes place on the last Friday of each month from 2.15pm until 2.50pm, except for Christmas week, the Friday before the Easter holidays and the last Friday in June.

Family time has been very successful. It gives Parent/carers a chance to come in and see their child informally and stay and play. Staff will set up activities which will guide parent/carers but the most important thing is that you and your family get a chance to come in and talk to your child. Parents can see their child’s Learning Journey and targets and in the older classes their evaluations of their learning.

Development of Twitter
We are using Twitter more as our main point of communication and each class has their own Twitter account. The main school Twitter account is @WestquarterPrim.
Whole School Events
Each session we produce a list for parents of whole school events you can become involved in. These change each session depending on priorities.
Class Assemblies
All classes have one planned assembly per session- you will be invited to these, look out for dates in information for parent/carers which are sent out regularly.
A general school newsletter will be distributed each month.
You will also receive a class newsletter at the start of each new term.

Parental Involvement

Meet the Teacher sessions
These sessions take place in September every year. Even if you already know your child’s teacher these are really important meetings. Staff will talk to all of the parent/carers in their class about their expectations, homework and give you general guidance to support your child. Change is constant in education and a lot of information will be given at this time so it is really important that you attend.

Individual Parent/Carers Meetings for all Children
We arrange parent/carers meetings in November and we have developed a system which allows 15 min per interview. We have agreed to have a second parent/carers meeting in March, this will be a 10 minute interview. Evening session with all teachers will take place in the school hall.

Sharing Targets
In the home/school diary there is a section for targets. Children start using these as the term progresses. A lot of work will have been done with your child to discuss targets and ensure that they set appropriate targets to stretch themselves.
These are shared at regular intervals throughout the year.

Pupil Learning Journeys
All children have a Learning Journey. Pupils will have discussed their learning journey with their class teacher and know their targets. Children will decide what their latest and best work is and take responsibility for changing the work in the journey. Children will record any star moments. Essentially this is their achievements in and out of school. Please encourage your child to celebrate any star moments with us and to record it in their Learning Journey. There is advice on the school website about this.

Snapshot Jotters
In session 2016-17 we introduced these jotters to give parent/carers an opportunity to see the quality and quality of work their child is producing over a two day period. These will be shared before Parent/Carer meetings and can be a focus for discussion at meetings. The aim is that you will discuss this with your child when the jotter is at home and it should give you a better idea of your child’s progress.

Getting It Right For Every Child, GIRFEC
As you all know there are times in a child’s life where they need more support. This might be because of issues at home or because of a learning need, indeed there can be a variety of reasons. Often we can plan for these but at other times we have to be flexible in meeting children’s needs as something may arise and we have to ensure that a child has support quickly. In these cases we have multidisciplinary meetings for all involved in the child’s education. You may hear the term TAC meeting. This is a Team around the Child meeting where all agencies involved meet to plan appropriate support. Some children need more meetings than the individual meeting described above, therefore throughout the year some families will attend regular meetings in school and invitations to these will be issued as and when necessary.

Pupil’s Summary Reports
These are sent to parent/carers in late May/early June. As we now have two Parent/Carer meetings in the school session we will only note main points in key areas of Literacy, Mathematics and Health and Well-being.

We made a Sway. Scroll Down it to find out all about parental engagement at Westquarter.

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