Transition Process from Primary to Secondary School

There are planned events which take place throughout the year to enable a safe and smooth transition to secondary school.
In October children from all of the cluster primary schools go on a residential visit to Dalguise. This gives them a chance to work in teams and make friendships at an early stage. We find that children look forward to secondary school knowing that they have worked with children from other schools in the cluster.

If parents want their children to attend Braes High school a placing request should be made at the appropriate time but early indications mean that we can alert the school to those children and where possible they can be included in transition events.

In December/January planned transition meetings take place with staff from the secondary school for identified children who need support.

In March there is a Primary 7 athletics event at Graeme High which all children attend.
In April there is an opportunity to visit school for parents and children and an information session.
In May there are transition days for Primary 7 children to attend and there is one final day in June .

There is ongoing sharing of information between primary school and secondary school. Staff in the Graeme Cluster work together to take forward the cluster plan and share good practice.

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