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Here are some class photos from our past. Let us know if you spot someone you know.

Redding Pit 23 was operated by the Nimmo family of Westquarter House. We have been imagining what it would be like to be a miner.

Westquarter Memories

Westquarter Garden Party 1896

Before Westquarter Wonderland

Here are some of the newspaper articles we looked at we researched the history of Westquarter House.


Click here to read an old article from Westquarter’s history. Garden Party Article Falkirk Herald – 1896

What’s going on here?

What is that flying in the air over our school?


History — 23 Comments

  1. I was a pupil from 1954 until 1961 , I lived at 19 Westquarter Avenue and the school was just up the road, my dad grew flowers and tomatoes and some of the teachers used to order them from him, brings back great memories, used to love playing down the valley and glen, am still friends with Anne Muir (formerly Smith) and a few others, my name is Ann Provan (nee Aitchison)

  2. I went to Westquarter Primary P1, 2 and part of P3. I lived in Gairloch Crescent and walked to school with Stephen O’Donnell and Caroline Mutch. My maiden name was Greig and I attended the school in 1974 – 1976. We then moved to Grangemouth. My dad was a reporter for the Falkirk Herald, then Radio Forth. I went to Aberdeen University and Strathclyde University. Remember having lunch in the dining hall, remember it was the one with curved wall.

  3. Hi
    I lived down the valley at74 Langton Road and went to Westquater Primary School from 1956 to 1962 then to Graham High Does any one have pictures of the classes as I would love to show my kids when I was young boy.
    Dougie Mackintosh

  4. My dad (William Bloy) attended the school and was Dux..Probably around about ’44/’45. I would love to come.along to the open day to see if I can spot him in any pics! Any ideas when it will be? Thanks.

    • Hi Lisa,
      Yes William Bloy’s name is on the Dux medal board in the main entrance to the school. We would love you to come along and see it and any photographs on display. The sharing our learning open evening is on Thursday 25th February 6pm to 7pm. The Westquarter past displays are in the Primary 1 classrooms and corridor.

  5. I attended Westquarter Primary School between 1948/55 and went on to Graeme High. I am interested to see some class pics taken during that period. My granny Anderson was a cleaner at the school during that time and lived next to it at 1 Beech Crescent and my granny Ross lived in Hillside Tce until my granddad’s death when she moved to Oakbank Tce. My auntie Betty and uncle John Dewar lived in the valley. So I have many kin that went to Westquarter Primary and would appreciate any photos to kindle fond memories.

    • Hi William, If you live locally you could coke to our open day in February where we will be displaying lots of old class photos as part of the Primary 1 Westquarter past topic.

  6. looking for anyone who went to Westquarter Primary 1951 – 1958 my maiden is
    Ann Barclay

    • @Ann McPake: In the spring term the Primary 1s will be learning about Westquarter’s Past. Perhaps you could share some of your memories?

  7. I was born in the Valley Westquarter 1951 My parents are Maureen and Danny Mackintosh I started at Westquarter Primary 1956 to 1962 I would like to see if any one who went to school with me may have any class photos as I have none of me at this time and would like to show my family what I look like at school. I live in Sydney Australia but I am still a die hard Westquarter Man
    Regards Dougie Mackintosh

    • I’ll see what I can find. We have a few 50s and 60s class photos. We might even have your name in our log books.

    • I have added a slide show with some old class phots to the History page on our website. I could tweet for requests for more.

  8. I just came across this site whilst putting together a bit of a ‘Timeline’ of my past. I’m 57 now but went to Westquarter when I was in care at Redding House children’s home. The picture of the front of the school seems to be just as I remember it all those years ago ! I also seem to remember a wood opposite the school that we used to walk through to get to school. A small stream used to freeze up in the winter and we used to slide down it on our school bags !

  9. Good morning I was school dux in 1970 I wonder if you have any class photos I would like to visit school some time

    • We love it when we get comments on our website. It is all about being part of a world wide community. 🙂

  10. Hi Robina,

    I have emailed you some details I have found. Do you have many memories of Westquarter you’d like to share?

  11. My name was Robina White (Rona) and I am interested in this school because I attended it in 1947 ,I moved away to Canada in January 1948 . I am wondering if there is a photo or any info available when I attended there. I have been over in 1990 and again 2012 , and hope to visit again next year . Any info will be appreciated . Thank you so much .

  12. thank you boys and girls for all your hard work and I would like to say I have enjoyed all the things you have done and the pictures of the old pupils as well…. you have taken me back almost sixty three years to when I started in primary one and I so remember Miss Waddell with great affection….looking forward to many more stories of your journey of Westquarter School. also like to thank Mrs Jalland for the insight to record the story of Westquarter House, Village and school. Thank You

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