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Everything is Ship Shape!


Each year we, as a staff, look at the year ahead in order to plan the best learning experiences possible for both pupils and staff. It’s a serious job but it can be done in such a way that it is an enjoyable experience for everyone.

This year we decided to illustrate our plan as an ocean voyage. It would have been easy to choose to journey on a cruise ship but we know from experience a school year is never plain sailing and there’s no one waiting on you hand and foot. There are always unforeseen difficulties arising due to ever changing circumstances, much like a ship at sea, so we choose a sailing ship to illustrate the importance of working together in order to reach our destination.

Our crew have to navigate many obstacles and barriers to learning. These are represented by the buffeting of the waves against the ship and the dangers that lurk below the surface.

There are many things which make the sailing easier and the journey more enjoyable; these are represented by the calm seas and the safe havens in the picture.

It is important that we endeavour to anticipate and plan for all eventualities. The curriculum must have coherence and relevance to each child so they understand the point of their journey. It must allow for personalisation and choice so children are engaged and eager to learn. Our curriculum must provide breadth and depth, like the ocean we are sailing on. It must provide challenge, like navigating in rough, uncharted seas, so we know our strengths. And at all times it must show progression, like the journey itself. We cannot allow children to sit in the doldrums, waiting for something to happen. They must be involved in planning their own course, their own learning targets.

As you can see the crew are all on board: teaching staff, support staff, janitor, kitchen, clerical and cleaning staff all play an important part in ensuring your child’s experience at Westquarter Primary is the best it can be. Each person has an important individual role but teamwork, continued professional development, collective responsibility and a commitment to lifelong learning will take our precious cargo, your child, to its learning destination safely and confidently, ready to take his/her place in the world and able to contribute meaningfully to society.

We have plotted our course and the way ahead is clear. The year may not be plain sailing but it will be a challenging and rewarding adventure.

Anchors away!


At Westquarter Primary School we strive to facilitate our pupils successful learning through a variety of teaching methods.

Higher Order Thinking Skills/Blooms Taxonomy

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