The school’s dress code has been agreed in consultation with parents, pupils, staff and the Parent Council. This consultation has ensured that the dress code meets the needs of the school community, allows pupils to participate in all aspects of school life and is age appropriate.

Our school colours are maroon and gold, usually teamed with grey or black trousers or skirts. Children wear a white polo shirt underneath and some parents have shirts with the school tie.
Local stores have plenty of maroon sweatshirts and cardigans, the school badge is not necessary. We know that Graeme High insist on black trousers and skirts therefore we are happy if children in Primary 7 wear black as it can be costly to buy a completely new uniform.
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Our Nursery children have a specially designed sweatshirt which is purple and is available from the address below. We do advise wearing old clothes to nursery as we encourage messy play and children do now have a mud kitchen.

Should you wish school and nursery sweatshirts and polo shirts with the school badge these can be purchased locally in Falkirk at the address below.
BE Schoolwear – Trutex
32 Vicar Street

Clothing for Physical Education (PE)

The appropriate clothing and footwear for PE is a T-shirt, shorts and gym shoes with non-marking soles. Gym shorts and t shirt can be any colour, however football colours are not appropriate. These are necessary for health and safety reasons and your co-operation is requested to ensure that pupils are equipped to participate in the PE lessons.


Please ensure that all items of clothing are clearly labelled, particularly ties, sweat shirts and PE equipment, which are often lost. A protective apron or an old shirt should be worn for art and craft activities. Please help the school and the education authority by making sure that pupils do not bring valuable or expensive items of clothing to school.

In certain circumstances, appropriate clothing will be necessary for school activities for safety reasons, e.g. in games areas, science laboratories and technical workshops; this extends to the wearing of suitable footwear and even, on occasion, to the length of pupils’ hair and the wearing of jewellery and earrings.

Offensive clothing such as T-shirts or other items featuring inappropriate language or illustrations is not permitted. Football colours are also inappropriate as they can lead to incidents of rivalry.