Our core values are:

Respect, Trust, Courage,

Tolerance, Justice, Happiness,

Caring, Hope, Love, Peace

We strive to live our values every day.

Our new values mural is fantastic!
Education without values, as useful as it is, seems rather to make man a more clever devil.
C. S. Lewis

We want everyone in Westquarter Learning Community to be the best that they can be. Our core living values are:
Trust Respect Caring
Justice Tolerance Love
Happiness Courage Hope

Our school motto is

In school we celebrate achievement in many ways. This can be at class level recognising achievements or more publicly at house meetings or assemblies.
Our displays are recognised for their quality, the promotion of children’s work and the recognition of children’s achievements.
We know that not everyone wants or needs public praise so we have Praise Postcards. You may be lucky enough to receive special praise in the form of our Praise Postcards. We send these to people who have gone above and beyond the call of duty!
Each week we gather together in the hall for a whole school assembly and part of this assembly is to reward our Stars of the Week. Staff can nominate a child for any reason it may be for living our school values, helping others or working hard to reach an individual target.

In 2009 we reintroduced the Dux Award, this is known as the Williamson Medal. It is awarded to the child in Primary 7 who best meets the 10 categories across the year. This is much sought after and Williamson Medallist’s names are inscribed on the board at the main entrance of the school.

We have good partnership with our local church which is Redding and Westquarter Church and the minister is Dr Mary Henderson. We value the support she gives to school throughout the year she leads our Assemblies to celebrate the Christian Festivals of Easter and Christmas. Dr Henderson will also visit classes to support specific topics and with special occasion assemblies eg Remembrance.
We have a Religious and Moral Education Policy. We offer children the opportunity to study many religions and we encourage multicultural celebrations of key festivals from other religions.

Our aim is to be at the centre of the community and promote continuous life long learning. We work closely with our partners in the community.
We have a partnership agreement with Tesco and work closely with them and other companies to learn important life skills.

Development of Pupils’ Spiritual, Moral, Cultural and Social Values
The school is committed to supporting the development of its pupils as whole people and as a result, wishes to encourage their development in spiritual, moral, social and cultural terms.
These key human aspects of learning are supported through the following arrangements by:-
• Creating a school ethos which, in every way possible, gives value to these aspects of development, especially by providing an overall atmosphere that is both caring and challenging and which provides opportunities for the development of personal responsibility.
• Promoting social and moral learning through the way in which disciplinary issues are handled.
• Ensuring that staff and adults within the school provide positive models for pupils.
• Arranging regular gatherings of the school as a community and using such occasions to encourage and reinforce the values on which the school is based.
• Enriching the curriculum in all appropriate areas with an emphasis on spiritual, moral, social and cultural development.
• Providing opportunities within the curriculum to advance personal and social development.
• Providing a programme of religious education in which consideration will be given to responses to basic questions relating to the meaning, value and purpose of human life.
• Providing a programme of moral education.
• Taking every appropriate opportunity to acknowledge, value and appreciate the various cultures and heritage of the pupils and to encourage them to appreciate and value the cultures and heritage of others.

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